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Glass is my soul

Painting with precious metals fullfills me, pure gold and platinum in fine interplay with white, water turquoise and noble purple.
This is me, glass is my soul.



Glass Imagination by Gordana Glass

Beauty has many forms. Glass is all the more special because it is fi nished with light refl ections.

Gordana: "My greatest award in life is to pass on my work further."

Gordana Turuk is an artist who gives her heart in the art she makes. Her work is reputable not only in Slovakia, but also worldwide.

Art is the most beautiful expression of human existence. Thanks to art, we have necessary knowledge of our history. Glass is the most remarkable material among all kinds of art expressions. People have been attracted to glass since its formation. It still has the magic of endless creative possibilities that challenge every creator. The one who succumbs to the beauty of glass, who can develop it into shape, color, and content fireworks of creativity, becomes an extraordinary personality fulfilling the heritage of uniqueness. Glass is the only material that honors light by allowing it to pass through it and follows its path of the color spectrum of the rainbow it deserves.

Hierarchy of values

Gordana draws inspiration from seven essential values: Humility, Fish – Amphora, Joining – Love, My Heart, Friendship, Family, perceived as two inseparable parts. This heritage is transformed into each of her works and then transferred to hundreds of satisfied owners.

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